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We have observed that season’s can vary dramatically from year to year especially with tree pollen. When allergy sufferers know what is in the air they are able to better equip themselves to minimize the affects of pollen and spores on their health (or their pets with seasonal allergies). We provide pollen forecasts that help people (and owners of pets) with seasonal allergies live a better quality of life. Knowledge is power and we give you the knowledge to empower you to minimize the affects of pollen and spores on your daily lives (and pets lives) and to be better prepared to deal with your/their allergies.

Pollen Forecast Alert Program

Pollen Forecast Application  (people and pets)

  • Aerobiology Research Laboratories has developed a subscription program for allergy sufferers to receive daily pollen forecasts
  • Get detailed forecasts on what you, your children or your pet are allergic too
  • Log symptoms, medications and see historical data


  • Your app can be customized to you
  • Input what you are allergic to and location
  • You can take a picture of your pet, yourself or family members such as your children to personalize the app (coming soon)

Your Profile

Create a profile that includes;

  • Pollen and spores you or your pet could be/are allergic to
  • Medication,
  • Food (pets only),
  • Location – you can have more than one which is great if you are travelling
  • Push notification ability (coming soon)


  • See a summary of pollen in the air
  • Get personalized pollen and spore levels reports (on premium version)
  • Pollen and spore forecasts for what you are allergic too up to 3 days (including current day)
  • Includes a daily tip to improve your or your pets quality of life

Personal Log

  • Input how you or your pet is feeling into your personal log
  • Input medication taken
  • Additional medication taken
  • All stored in your personal profile so you can view and compare to pollen levels in the air

Personal Calendar

  • Subscription program provides graph analysis of symptoms and pollen levels
  • Compare your symptoms with actual pollen levels
  • See historical data

Allergy Sufferers APP for people who suffer from seasonal allergies

Pet Allergy APP for pets who suffer from seasonal allergies