Personalized Pollen Forecast Alert Program

Pollen Forecast Application

  • Aerobiology Research Laboratories has developed a subscription program for people who suffer from seasonal allergies where you can receive daily pollen and spore forecasts
  • Get detailed forecasts on what your allergic too
  • Log symptoms, medications and see historical data


  • Your app can be customized to you
  • Input what you are allergic to and location
  • You can load a picture of your choice to personalize the app (coming soon)

Your Profile

Create a profile that includes;

  • Pollen and spores you could be/are allergic to
  • Medication,
  • Symptoms
  • Location – you can have more than one which is great if you are traveling
  • GPS location services
  • Push notification ability (coming soon)

Personal Log

  • Input how your feeling into a personal log
  • Input medication taken
  • All stored in your personal profile so you can view and compare to pollen levels in the air

Personal Calendar

  • Subscription program provides graph analysis of symptoms and pollen levels
  • Compare your symptoms with actual pollen levels
  • See historical data

Allergy App for children and adults

Free app allows you to see total pollen in the air and get tips to live a better quality of life. Get personalized pollen reports on premium version as well as the ability to log sentiments and medication.